Kill Swan, check.

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Kill Swan, check.

Postby Troutslayer » Fri Nov 03, 2006 1:44 pm

Duck Runner and I went over to Freezeout yesterday in hopes of finding a few of the remaining swans. First we had to locate some open water, of which there was very little. We were into mallards right away and saw some swans but couldn't get close enough to jump shoot them. We had to resort to jump shooting as it would be all but impossible to predict where we might get a pass shot. After some serious walking and many greenheads and a few near missed opportunities at swans the day was nearly over. We had witnessed a mallard put down in a little piece of water that was perfect for jumpshooting. Just as we were about to crest a rise and try to jump the mallard Duck Runner said "swan, swan". I backed away a little and we discussed the fact that there was at least one swan about 30 feet from where we were standing, it had looked right at him but was unphased by our presence. We crept up on the high bank and there were about 10 swans that got up as fast as they could. Duck Runner shot first and as soon as I saw his fall I picked out a good looking bird and crumpled it with one shot, BBB, to the head. Both died easily and should have considering that we were above them and 25 feet away. It was not the way either of us wanted to kill a bird, I wanted to see one fall from up high, but our tactics worked and I don't think we would have filled the tags any other way. My dog was a little hesitant to pick one up from dry land and carry it across the water but she eventually did it.

Both of our birds are juvenilles probably weighing in around 15-18lbs. Having read that those are the best eating we both picked younger looking ones, though I mostly picked the best one I could shoot at and not hit any others.

On the swan hunt I also got my first banded bird, a greenhead that was double-banded with a reward band which says it is void after 8/06. Both bands are very well worn so it will be cool to find out when it was banded. We shot nothing but green and got 10 nice ones and had plenty of missed opportunities at more.
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Postby Duck Runner » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:24 pm

Troutslayer is a quick draw and I think he shot the banded bird I was aiming at.:umm: The swan hunt was a great time, even though we had to walk about five miles to get to them. Oh yeah, Troutslayer, I did some map work this morning and the walk was about 6 miles and the second pass we made put us at about 8 miles. :getdown: Even though the dog was a little unsure of the oversized ducks we shot, she got them back to us and our feet didn't touch the water. Great retrieving all day, and a terrific day of jump shooting - unlike anything I have ever done! This will be a trip I won't soon forget!

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Postby wingnutty » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:46 pm

Fantastic boys! Way to go :thumbsup: Nothing wrong with having to switch tactics to be successful, that's what makes a good hunter :smile:
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