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New hunter

Postby Combsay » Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:35 am

Hey all. I'm going to be attending M.S.U. in the fall. I have never duck hunted north of california and wondered if any one would be willing to share some info. with me about how you guys do it. I'm not asking for maps to honey holes but maybe some direction on how and where to hunt. Any guys that know of hunting ducks within an hour of bozeman would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :help:
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Postby Smackaduck » Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:04 am

:welcome: Ill move this to your state forum below so you will get better response.
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Postby phutch30 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:29 am

Gallatin river late season and the South end canyon ferry early. Ennis lake can be good. Harrison res can be really good but the mud flats are tough to hunt. The three forks area is good off and on through out the season. The best place is the duck pond on campus though.

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Postby Fredito » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:58 pm

Good....We have another Bobcat on the board...The rivers are decent but can be difficult at times...about the best I can do for that area is save you some frustration...You will see alot of geese around Three Forks, they are on Wheat Montana land so you cant get on it...Around Belgrade you will see a ton of ducks right off the I-90...Big no no...Federal game perserve and between Boz and Four Corners you will see some feilds with ducks, you cant get on since it is MSU Ag land...I know alot of people on the boards already know about these, but this is just a break down to save you some knocking on doors...Your best bet would be to go to Fish and Game before season opens and ask for the Block Mangement book (Block Mang is a listing of places that are free to hunt, they get money for the # of hunters)...Look at all the listings close to Boz that list waterfoul and right down the numbers...Then go to the maps and get the maps for the numbers you wrote down...Go out (before season) and get the permission slips that you will need to hunt (Look for bright green signs marking important points like parking with BM) and you should have a few places to hunt at least...Remember...ALWAYS be sure you have your permission slip with you, BM is patrolled by FWP and BLM...Again alot of people know this on the board...but if you are new to MT you might not...Long winded but I hope it helps...Good luck and welcome to the better of the 2 univeristys in the state :welcome:
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