Sandhills Weekend Hunt

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Sandhills Weekend Hunt

Postby DEMolishedyou2 » Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:07 pm

Headed to the Sandhills for a few days of hunting. It was my two brothers, my dad, and I hunting most of the time, with 2 other fellows on Saturday morning. Total of 17 ducks, 12 geese, & 2 Grouse. Pretty decent hunting considering the warm temperatures and lack of migration so far.

Hunted a private farm pond in the AM with limited success.
-1 Mallard, 1 Greenwing Teal, & 1 Grouse
Hunted a private marsh midday before the game, saw lots of birds, were difficult to decoy.
-1 Greenwing Teal, 2 Gadwalls & 1 Mallard
Hunted the pond in the evening after 3rd quarter.
-1 Wigeon

Set up in 1 of the few picked corn fields in the AM.
-4 man limit of geese in 45 minutes.
Hunted the pond in the evening, saw lots of new birds, but none were interested in water.

Set up in the corn field hoping for more geese in the AM, but none were seen, but the Mallards took over the field.
-3 Mallards
Hunted the marsh midday. Passed up on a lot of shots, hoping for bigger ducks.
-3 Gadwalls & 2 Wigeons
Went back to the field in the evening.
-2 Mallards and 1 Grouse

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