Nebraska Goose Set Up

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Nebraska Goose Set Up

Postby TEAM WEBFOOTPOSSE » Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:54 am

as of right now i have 18 ghg prograde full bodies a dozen FA eliminators 5 bigfoots and a dozen FA shells i have hunted around around grand island in fields alot but whenever someone has a larger spread close to me the birds will over look my spread so i have to rely on my calling to get em in on the weekends ive heard alot of people say go small but its not worked for me

so heres my question should i buy 2 dozen more realistic looking full bodys or buy 4 dozen good shells

i also played with the idea of going to hunt around my house by juniata which is 10 miles from the river and has no competition but alot less birds maybe only a flock of migrators a day :help:
waterfowler20 wrote:
getemducks wrote:I am new to this but I think what you have there is a duck. :huh:

Are you crazy! That ain't no duck, thats one of'dem cackler gooses! :hi:
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