Another good weekend...although getting crowded

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Another good weekend...although getting crowded

Postby DUKHTR » Mon Jan 09, 2006 8:59 am

Well it looks like the 'talk' has been toward the it is overcrowded and the birds are pressured like never before.....I did manage to get out of one launch as the onkly one to go out of there......Had some doubts on the way since I passed two boats heading to another launch....they should have at least tried....I poked my way slowly through ice floes and enjoyed an excellent hunt, although all the action was 7:45 it was 'dead'...gave it an hour and then heading home ...oddly with only mallards.....didn't even see a Black!...only a couple shots out on the open Bay, and one huge barrage when the geese got up in the air briefly...probably skybusting from what I could see from a distance!

Yesterday we were the only boat on the ocean at one launch....we used two MLB classics for a great layout hunt. Only a few eiders though, and could not get one old-squaw to be in range....but the scoter cooperated....even the tender boat got action with a string off the back!

I guess that's it for the season in NH....will be out for another couple of weeks here in Maine for seaducks...and then heading to CT for geese on LI Sound.
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