Goose Limit

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Goose Limit

Postby Benny8 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:50 pm

Had a fun morning morning hunt with Kwacker in the field. My shooting was horrendous. We had a couple flocks of woodies come in. The first batch at shooting time we could barely see. As another flock was working I looked down the corn row I was laying out in, and almost got trampled by three woodies. Was funny as heck. It was low light and I couldn't figure out what they were. I had never had woodies that close walking towards me. It was pretty cool. They flew off and blended with the back drop without any shots. Finally a group circled close enough and Kwacker collected one, me none. A while later a group of geese came in without a word, two or three set their wings and we came up firing. Kwacker took one, and me none again. Finally the mallards showed and they worked the decoys perfect. Kwacker took a drake that was just getting color and I winged a almost fully plummed drake. The cripple soared 70 yards before touching the ground. We sent Belle and she worked around for a while before she caught the scent of the bird on the move to the treeline about 200 yards away. She trailed it into the brush and came out with it, proud as she pranced around with it. I was some proud of her. That was her longest retrieve to date. We picked up and went out scouting and jump shooting. We ended up filling our goose limit on some geese in a bog. Both dogs made some awesome retrieves. They work so well together. Killing birds is a bonus to us. We love watching them work the decoys and love watching the dogs work. So in order to see the dogs work, we have to kill birds. Today was a blast.
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Re: Goose Limit

Postby vt.honker » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:22 pm

:clapping: NICE JOB...BOTH GOOD LOOKING DOGS TOO...CONGRATS :yes: :yes: !!!
So many geese,so much ammo,so little time left!
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Re: Goose Limit

Postby JustinNH » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:44 pm

vt.honker wrote::clapping: NICE JOB...BOTH GOOD LOOKING DOGS TOO...CONGRATS :yes: :yes: !!!


Nice work!
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Re: Goose Limit

Postby deertoducks » Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:25 pm

Well done :bow:
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