NH House to Vote this Wednesday on Legislation to

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NH House to Vote this Wednesday on Legislation to

Postby JustinNH » Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:02 am

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New Hampshire House to Vote this Wednesday on Legislation to Infringe on Your Right to Self-Defense

This Wednesday, March 27, the state House of Representatives is scheduled to consider House Bill 135, introduced by state Representative Stephen Shurtleff (D- Merrimack 11). If passed and enacted, this misguided legislation would drastically infringe on your inherent right to self-defense by repealing important self-defense provisions enacted in 2011.

HB 135 would make the following changes to New Hampshire’s current self-defense laws:
Eliminates the provision that allows a person to use deadly force anywhere he or she has a legal right to be. This limits an individual’s ability to defend themselves or a third party from assault to their own place of residence.
Amends the definition of non-deadly force by removing the provision that specifies the act of producing or displaying a weapon is considered non-deadly force. Thus, drawing or exhibiting your firearm to intimidate a perpetrator could be considered deadly force.
Repeals the provision granting civil immunity for the use of force in certain circumstances. The elimination of this provision removes legal protections for law-abiding citizens acting in self-defense.

HB 135 was reported by a 12-6 vote with an “ought to pass” recommendation by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, despite the fact that it severely encroaches on your inherent right to self-defense and will render law-abiding citizens and their loved ones defenseless victims.

Given this partisan committee report, it is very important that you contact your state Representative(s) TODAY. Let your state Representative(s) know that HB 135 is the wrong direction for New Hampshire and respectfully urge him or her to oppose HB 135 this Wednesday. Click here for contact information and help identifying your state Representative(s) in Concord.
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