Opening Day

If you are a migratory bird hunter, share your New Hampshire duck hunting tactics here.

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Opening Day

Postby chefletch » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:43 pm

Good Luck to all this week on opening day in the various regions!

let see some pics, share stories and remember why we come to this page!

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Re: Opening Day

Postby duck envy » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:52 am

Let the good times roll... :yes:

Went out yesterday morning with a friend... people were already in our first choice of spots at 430am... so we moved on. Saw and heard plenty of mallards and woodies while setting up. However, we watched all of them fly off between 6 and 610. Eventually a few ducks came in from other locations. The first of which was a green wing and my friend shot it. A couple more came in after that, but unfortunately, so did a few bass fishermen. With the fishermen right in front of us, the ducks got a free pass with no shots taken. We made our presence known, but the fishing must have been too good (not really) for the bass guys to leave. So, we left.
At lunch time, I went for a quick jump shoot along the edge of a marsh near where I'm working. I saw a few too far out to retrieve and then came across a pair of woodies close to shore. I tried sneaking up on them, to close the gap, but was busted. They took flight before I hoped they would... but still in range. I swung on the lead bird, pulled the trigger and both birds dropped. First double of the season. Plenty of pellets in the air shooting 3-1/2" #4s. :hammer: The water was a bit deeper than I thought... but with a long stick and water near the top of my hip boots, I snagged both birds easily. They are in the fridge and will be dinner tonight.
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Re: Opening Day

Postby NHMeatEater » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:31 am

Wish I had some birds to hang on my gun but came up empty. Only had the evening to hunt but did see some ducks/geese and got some nice scenery in. Heard some shots nearby so hopefully they connected.
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