Pre-Season Fun

A state with an abundant amount of waterfowl. Share with others your New Jersey duck hunting experiences.

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Pre-Season Fun

Postby PAwingshooter » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:24 pm

Well, it's almost that time again. Last year was my first year in New Jersey and my first as a boat owner. I took the summer to make a few mods to the boat, installed a grab bar rather than sitting to steer. Wired in a bilge pump after a few close calls taking on water at Tuckerton. Wired in two spot lights in the front and just last week I decided to build a blind. Today I finished re-wiring the truck lights, last year they went out right before the DHC snow goose hunt! I spent about $75 dollars on C-Clamps, PVC, and camo burlap. I only finished one side but I think with a little fast grass over the burlap, a cover for the motor, and some spray paint for the pvc, it'll work ok especially for the minimal money I spent on it. Going out for a joy ride to scout ducks and maybe shoot a few geese tomorrow Am.
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