First Season in North Zone (Assunpink WMA)

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First Season in North Zone (Assunpink WMA)

Postby jmruss » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:50 pm

Hello all, this is my first post on this website as I am brand new to the forums. I will apologize if I am posting anything that has already been asked/said but I've just got some simple questions. This is only my second season hunting waterfowl. Last year I hunted in Virginia as I was stationed in NC with the Marine Corps. I've recently gotten out and returned home to NJ. I cannot put into words how excited I have been about duck season as I got addicted last year. My only problem is I no longer am able to hunt with my buddy who has been duck hunting for 10 years and I've never hunted this area. I live ten minutes away from Assunpink, and I've done quite a bit of scouting there. I planned to stay away from the big lake as I know the birds will be getting pressured there all season as Assunpink is infamous for skybusters. I intend to hit the smaller lakes and ponds. Just curious if anyone has had much success with this technique here in Assunpink before? I will be hunting in waders and plan to hit the shallow areas as my dog is not ready for the big leagues yet. That kind of limits me as to where I am able to jump around. Not expecting anyone to share their honeyholes with me but I would greatly appreciate any hints or tips specifically geared towards new waterfowl hunters to the North Zone and Assunpink specifically. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.
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Re: First Season in North Zone (Assunpink WMA)

Postby papageno » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:15 pm

See the post and responses for: 'Looking for NJ duck hunting' by Chester a short way down the list.
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