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Black & White

Postby bayside » Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:06 pm

Took advantage of the beautiful (Jan) weather to get some kayak exercise (and scout). Paddled out to the bayshore and decided to count ducks along the way. Stopped counting blackies after 1-1/2 miles (176 birds) and did'nt count on the way back (different route). Sure some may have been duplicates, but most headed to open water. Definitely most I've ever seen! Wish we had mallards like that :smile: Once out on the bay, saw hundreds of snow geese, didn't even try to count. Don't know if they've been there for awhile or are new arrivals, as I've not been out this way for awhile. For all you snow bird hunters, if you can fight the black mud, they're there for the takin! Scared up some GW teal on the way back in. Gonna try for one last SZ hunt before thurs. eve. Good huntin to all who are closing out SZ!
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