One Last Trip

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One Last Trip

Postby pvn6616 » Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:57 pm

The day after my last post, March 20th, I came down with the flu with some bronchitis thrown in for good measure. It has been a solid two weeks of death but just yesterday I felt almost human again, so of course what do I do? Go hunting! It was cool this morning with a northerly breeze blowing before swinging easterly. The sun was shining and the geese were flying all over, Canada Geese that is. Didn't see a snow goose all day and we stayed til the tide was high enough at 2:30 to motor out.

Jack wagged that tail of his all day, he seemed to enjoy being back out and watching the ruddies, teal and shovellers as well as the Canadians. I enjoyed the scenery as well and am now counting down til September when we can once again chase those Canadians!

Til then everyone enjoy the summer and see you in 5 short months, if not sooner....
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