Sawmill Creek WMA & Black River WMA

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Sawmill Creek WMA & Black River WMA

Postby mtl_duck » Fri Sep 22, 2006 3:04 pm

Hi Everyone;

New to the forum, not new to NJ (lived and hunted here for 6 yrs) but I just moved to Englewood NJ (close to the GWB), there's like, absolutely nothing close-by for hunting (I used to live in Princeton) except for Sawmill Creek WMA on the Hackensack River.

I checked it out from the boat launch, right across the river from it. Its not big and its right between the east and western spurs of the NJ Turnpike (you can see the cars and trucks! They'll probably be able to see me). I only have a canoe, and its just me, by myself, with mixed black duck and mallard decoys. Has anyone hunted there or know anyone who has? Is it any good? Would it be difficult for one person in a canoe?

I also hunt at Assumpink WMA, Manasquan WMA, and Manahawkin WMA - all the places where one guy has road access and can penetrate into the marsh/swamp with some effort with a canoe.

I may also try for woodies and anythign else that flies by at Black River WMA. Anyone ever hunted there and can offer some advice?


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Postby mpemt24 » Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:42 am

I have talked to a few guys that have hunted Saw Mill. The one main guy hunts it by himself. I'm hoping to take along one day with him. He gets a few, but last year was his first year. That area holds quite a few ducks. Thankfully that area is cleaning up a bit. It should only get better. Some of the resident fowl may taste a little foul because of the pollutants in the area. But the guy I have talked to hasn't complained yet. Just some of the old timers that don't hunt tht area anymore.
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