Black Duck & Brant Study

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Black Duck & Brant Study

Postby LeakyBoot » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:46 pm

Some days the Black Ducks seem easy, other days you wonder if you're ever gonna kill another one. Here's a study done in NJ that has some good info.

We found that both black ducks and Atlantic brant were active at night. Black ducks (see Figure 1) fed the most during the evening and night and flew less at night. Brant (see Figure 2) rested the most at night, fed the most during the day and evening, and flew the most in the morning. Additionally, we found that factors such as tidal height, hunting pressure, and weather influenced behavior across the 24-hour period. For example, black ducks and brant were more likely to use areas open to hunting at night than during the day, presumably to avoid hunting pressure during the day.
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