The subject of this petition is to stop bills A3275 and S204

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The subject of this petition is to stop bills A3275 and S204

Postby jon55nj » Fri Jun 29, 2007 7:19 am

Please add your name to this petition to preserve the make up of the NJ Fish and Game council. This could drastically affect our hunting and fishing in New Jersey. ... index.html

The subject of this petition is to stop bills A3275 and S2041 from becoming law. These bills are aimed at changing the current selection process and make up of the Fish and Game Council, which was established to assist farmers and manage hunting and fishing interests in NJ. The bills will undermine the productivity of farming and impact the livelihood of farmers, while preventing the state of NJ from effectively managing its natural resources, and remove the incontrovertible tradition to hunt and fish. The bills will replace the current proven effective member selection process with one of Governor appointments, which will politicize the process.

The following petitioners ask that bills A3275 and S2041 be immediately rescinded from legislative consideration and that the current selection process for determining the Fish and Game Council remain in place. This action would ensure the productivity and integrity of the state’s farming interests, assist the state in managing wildlife and providing balance to ecosystems, while ensuring that hunting and fishing remain available to the citizens of NJ.
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