A state with an abundant amount of waterfowl. Share with others your New Jersey duck hunting experiences.

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Postby crewchief252 » Sat Oct 27, 2007 5:32 pm

Took 2 boys out today for youth day, carbon copy of last years weather, set up on Cliffwood beach, 2 hens buffs dropped right in right after legal time, they each got one, and very jazzed because they both took them out of the air on the wing, very nice shots, but that was the end of their good shooting, saw lots of blacks and mallards, but wouldnt even give us a second look, saw a ton of brant, unfortunetly on the other side of the bay, they had a few more shots, but missed, and also missed a small flock of geese, but in spite of the rain, they had a really good time. Alos saw something today i've never seen, sitting on the beach saw this huge flock coming out of the mist from the bay, thinking all right here come the brant, but as they got closer, they were cormorants, never saw them flocked up like that, 60-70 in a flock and acting just like brant, saw quite a few flocks of them .
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