Finally busted the Skunk on my back

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Finally busted the Skunk on my back

Postby StevenL » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:34 pm

. . .But the story ain't that good. It was one shot and one duck on the Rio, Thanksgiving Day, in the early morning.
It was snowing when I arrived at the spot I had scouted the Sunday before. And someone was setting their spred about 200 yards downriver from my spot so I figured it would be OK. One of the guys came over and had a few words with me as I was standing in the river planting decoys. . .seemed to be a knowledgable guy and we agreed on cooperating with one another. Hunting etiquette is very important to me. Shortly after we parted company and I was already settled into my blind, another hunter showed up and asked if he could set his string just slightly downriver from mine. I asked how far and he told me "just across the point". Yeah well the string was downriver but he wasn't nearly far enough away. Good Grief Charlie Brown! He was perching his ass no more than 20 or 30 yards away from where I was. He said, "I been out here at this spot everyday this season. I ain't no sky buster, an I kin shoot rela good." Turns out he did skybust, couldn't shoot all that well, and even had trouble figuring out which ducks he shot or someone else shot. Later in the morning, after everyone else had left and I was on my way out, I walked over to where the late-comer had been perched on a log. There was a large pile of spent shotgun hulls, many of which were not labeled as containing STEEL SHOT, but so many that not all could have been fired that morning.
Here's a pic of the snow on the ground and some of my deeks in the water.
Here's another pick of more of my deeks and a view just slightly downriver.

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