To most of you on here

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To most of you on here

Postby cyber_scouter » Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:17 am

First off, let me appologize to you all for what you may see in the other threads circulationg on the NM forum. Not really my style, but the dude wouldn't quit.I moved out here and wanted to do some hunting so I joined up on this forum. Most of you have been pretty cool. Some of you on the other hand can't take any constructive critisism. So much in fact that you have to call me names and even bring jokes about my wife into it. Is this the way NM's always act or are there just a few bad apples? Also, I posted a pic of one of my first times out being that I did well for an area I am unfamiliar with, but it seems through some banter that by not posting pics of every kill, I am just a crap talker, and a worthless hunter. Do all of you feel this way? Should I take a pic of every kill and post it? I feel people get tired of seeing ducks on a tailgate every day except when it is something worth posting like the first birds of the year, or a band, or some shot that is so amazing you just have to post it. What are your thoughts guys?
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