pretty Pintail

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pretty Pintail

Postby Tiburon5 » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:07 pm

I am looking for a pintail to hang on the wall. i resantly moved from a place with few pintail, and have little experience with them. any information on falling question would be much appreciated. when are they in full plumage? What is a good whistle to get? is there surtain decoy spreds that work better than others?
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Re: pretty Pintail

Postby troutbum43 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:14 pm

Pintail will be in their best plumage from December on. They like more open water areas (you won't find them in flooded timer or a cattail chocked marsh). If you want one to mount hunt with light loads (size 3 or 4) and decoy them. They can be hard to decoy, but I'd get a wingsetter whistle. I have shot most of pintail calling them in using a wigeon call with teal peeps mixed in, not a pintail whistle. If you are a good mallard caller they will respond to that as well. With their white breast feathers bring out qtips to put in any bb holes and clean the blood off their feathers in the field. Stick qtips in their butt and mouth to prevent fluids from leaking and staining feathers. Hope this helps, good luck! My pintail mount is my 2nd favorite next to my eurasion wigeon, they can really turn out nice. Make sure you ask your taxidermist to get the pose where the purple coloring on the brown of their head shows.
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