Coots and a rifle

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Coots and a rifle

Postby Gamecock16 » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:39 pm

I was hunting Friday morning until about eleven Am. I then proceded to hike back to the truck and drive around a bit looking around the area. I was coming back along a dirt road when I saw a truck pass through a gate and continue on down to the river edge. I was planning on heading to where he was going so I was about 30 seconds behind him. As I was getting closer I looked up river and saw a few birds. I had noticed the guy get out of the truck. He was not in camo or anything. I stopped about thirty yard from the river and used my binos to see what the birds where up river. there was a group of about 4 coots and some loons. All of a sudden I heard a gun shot. This guy had walked around to the hood of his truck and fired a round at these birds. It was not a shotgun either. he had taken out a rifle and tried to blast them off the water. He knew I was there but still didnt care. After he got back into his truck and continued down the river. I called the authorities to let them know what I had witnessed.

This was only about a quarter mile away from were I hunt. I do not really want to be hiding in the trees and all of a sudden my decoys get blasted. I have heard about this happening, but never had seen it with my own eyes. If your are going to scope some birds with a rifle you might as well find something better then coots. the guy was driving a bluish green dodge 4x4, fairly new. I was unable to get his plates and was not trying to get into a confrontation either. This is a great way to mess up the few groups of birds that I actually saw that day on the river. Another great showing of sportsmanship here in New Mexico.
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Re: Coots and a rifle

Postby Tiburon5 » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:57 pm

i lhink it was in co someone got killed by that. the "bad guy" missed the decoy and hit the "good guy" in the head... that is the shoort story anyways dont remember the details sorry.
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Re: Coots and a rifle

Postby sdrodriquez1049 » Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:54 pm

Always carry 5 slugs and some buck shot plus my sidearm anytime I go out. There is some crazy ppl in this state and have been shot at plenty of times deer and quail hunting. So at least I will atempt to fire back if fired upon.
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