WOW!!! ***????

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Re: WOW!!! ***????

Postby Medis » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:39 am

O you should have let me know you were going to Rehobeth, locals usually stay away from that place because its well known for attracting homosexual tourist, not that I judge. I'm not gay myself, but my partner is. :yes: Do you you hate me more because of that? Or the same? Follow this link for more information. I'm sure you got well acquainted anyhow. You didn't mention how good of a duck call blower you are did you? A far better choice would have been Bethany beach which is only about 15 miles up the road or Ocean City Maryland which is about 30 mins. (you have to explain your jokes or others don't get them)

Did you happen to go to the M.R. Ducks store? Its a neat place and has a neat story behind it. Yeah, just let me know when you want those ducks done, I can do all kinds of poses. Maybe you can even request one of those new poses you may have observed during your time in Rehobeth!?!? Yikes.....I don't know, I might mess it up.

You are pretty good for an old man, I mean you really know how to kid. Just let me know when you get tired of me getting under your skin though, I'll stop. I know your blood pressure probably rises to an unsafe level when you read my posts, especially now that you know your getting outwitted by a gay dude. Macho guys like you usually hate that. Your partners must be upset that you are offended about being a member of a team or playing a supporting role, maybe you should try that sometime. Hey, I will never knock your calls though...I have one and I like it a lot. Thanks.

Randy, what kind of DOA call do you use?
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Re: WOW!!! ***????

Postby randy marci » Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:34 pm

Medis wrote:Randy, what kind of DOA call do you use?

none.... :hammer: i don't call. :help: hell, i don't even hunt. i just troll duck hunting websites all day.
this is where all the cool kids put how many ducks they kill
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