North Zone Information?

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North Zone Information?

Postby T-Rout » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:24 pm

Well guys it looks like opening weekend is finally here. Guns should be cleaned, decoys rigged and bagged and Robo Duck batteries charged. Im sure you all are as excited as I am even though its still warm outside and are holding out hope that there may be some ducks this far down south this early. What? Whats that? You can't find any open areas to hunt?

So am I the only one that is having a hard time finding available hunting areas up north? Wait all year long and most of the areas are locked down, private property, GAIN land (not open to waterfowl) or you could try to wade the Rio Grande at Pena Blanca with everyone else and their uncle.

I don't want any honey holes, special spots, or areas that you are afraid will be overcrowded by the mere mention of the name but I feel that there is a severe lack of information available regarding where it is legal to hunt. I know El Vado and Heron Lakes are open to waterfowl hunters, however the river connecting the two isn't? Makes no sense right?

Im just looking to see if we can build a list of open areas to hunt in the north zone. Who knows, maybe it will decrease the load on the river and Bernardo down south which im sure would be a good thing.

Thanks for hearing me out. Im sure this is the same information MANY of you are having the same difficulty finding.
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Re: North Zone Information?

Postby Blackfoot Inc » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:17 am

Start looking at the NW corner and if it's rivers you prefer they have a perdy good one too. Access may be an issue however.

With very little to hold birds this year I believe this seasons looking tobe a "here today,gone tomorrow" type of season, until they reach Mexico and find the same conditions there. BDA will be absent of resources (other then water) unless they cut grain in increments, once the first major freeze hits BDA the majority of ducks will find open water where all day pressure will force them to either push further south or become nocturnal feeders and loaf in safety zones which dont allow hunting.
A huge help would be if La Joya refuge and others in state had water before January to hold birds locally and offer hunters the opportunity to utilize these facility's, instead LJ and other refuges will have water when the migration reverses at which time the season will have closed.

Poor planning on behalf of the US Fish & Wildlife Sevice and NM Game and Fish is killing hunting opportunitys in NM and forcing hunters to spend NM money in neighboring states. Very Sad!!! Meanwhile closing levee access in many ares.

Question: How is DU & Delta Helping? :huh:
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Re: North Zone Information?

Postby Pintail2020 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:02 pm

Well in response to what are the waterfowl conservation chapters doing, I can't speak to what DU is doing; however as a Delta Chair for New Mexico I am actively trying to get NMGF to get engaged in helping the hunters out. The problem I am running into is the because water fowling is relatively a miniscual part of the money NM takes in from hunters, the care is not really there. I have been calling trying to set up a meeting to discuss things with the HQ since May, and all I continue to get is we will be in touch. It is quite disturbing that I have gotten more help out of the Pheasants Forever Biologist and his connections then I have out of the actual Biologist at Santa Fe/ABQ. The other problem I am having is the simple fact NM is not a major duck hunting market for all the conservation chapters. When I can't get one single person outside the local area, let alone someone that doesn't work on the base with me to join or help out, whats in it for the ones who are doing everything to increase the benefits, or make changes to the state laws? I just have a problem with the people who want change and want to reap the benefits of the hard work others are doing and not help out themselves. If you want to see a change in the state lets start making an impact, because 13 active duty guys from Clovis, can't make the change by ourselves. And sidebar on that Delta doesn't buy the land or have any real, real estate effect outside of Canada. That is all DU. Delta is simply trying to raise more ducks. But I am also a North zone hunter and completely stand behind you on the fact that things are beginning to shrink as far as access. Especially down south where the Pecos holds lots of ducks, you just can't get to them because the access points are all private.
If anybody would like to talk about trying to really make a change for the better in the state, please pm me. I would love to start a waterfowl revolution rather then just continue to help every other state out and get the few ducks and access points we have here. It is ultimately up to us if we want change for this great addiction we all share. If we continue to just gripe about it then we will continue to be treated as third class citizens behind Elk, and Mulie hunters. So if you really care I can definitely use the help to start gaining a voice for us as water fowl hunters. Thanks

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