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Lookin for Help

Postby NateH » Sat Oct 21, 2006 2:22 pm

Hey Folks

Let me start off by saying this is the best forum I've seen. Keep up the good work. Moved to NM in April from IN and looking for some advice :help: on waterfowl hunting. I already got my key to the MRGV area and took a drive around but still not real sure on the best methods used here in NM to hunt those areas, specifically Bernardo. Same story with LaJoya.

I don't have anyone to hunt with so if anyone is looking for a partner or doesn't mind someone tagging along let me know.

Also, living in the Deming/Silver City area so if any has any info about closer areas that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help in advance,
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Postby ghostingrey » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:46 pm

Hi Nate :welcome: to the forum. Hope you're enjoying NM so far, but be careful, they don't call it The Land of Entrapment for nothing :mrgreen: . As for hunting techniques, I only hunted Bernardo and La Joya a couple of times so I don't have any great advice. I've been told they can be pretty crowded on the weekends. I've had some luck jump shoting ducks out of the canals in the South Unit of Bernardo or shooting over small decoy spreadsin the ponds in the North unit of La Joya. Seems like most of the ducks along the Rio are mallards, teal, gadwalls, widgeons, so if you've hunted those before you'll probably have some luck. You will run into some Divers in the bigger lakes on the state. If you're down south you sould check out Elephant Butte. The Salt River would probably hold some ducks too I imagine. Also check out the White Mountains. The Arizona Game and Fish has some info on their website. Come november you'll be in a great spot for quail huntin. Good luck out there.
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Postby randy marci » Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:09 pm

welcome nate. good suggestions from gig. also don't forget about the obvious spots. the local stock tanks. been hittin 'em around here and finding a fair number of ducks. also caballo lake holds birds as they start to migrate that way. i scouted there during early teal and saw a few birds in some of the coves. la joya is a long way, but worth the trip, so i've heard, especially on weekdays. good luck and hope you bang 'em :salude:
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Postby lindschesapeake » Wed Oct 25, 2006 5:29 pm


All the above info is good info. The one thing I can add is that when the ducks are moving through get after them because sometimes it can be short lived.

I don't do much jump shooting but this year should have a lot of ponds to jump shoot due to all the summer rains.

I used to hunt La Joya and Bernardo but kind of stay away from them. I hunt the river and lakes and perfer to camp out during the winter months just so I learn what is going on. New Mexico doesn't have butt ugly cold weather. It can get cold but nothing like what you are use to.

Rio Grande can offer up some good shoots, just limited out this morning on the south opener and then worked the ducks trying various calling sequences. The trick to hunting the river is to know where the ducks like to work. The one food item that ducks will get after are the Russian Olives that are hanging out over the bank. Learn the river down south and you will be rewarded in years to come. WOrk the tops of the lakes and just enjoy it while you can.

Don't know much about waterfowl hunting down around Demming but I've banged a lot of Quail down that way. If I was living down there that is what I would get after with a good hardy GSP that you trained to hunt waterfowl as well. If you want a good GSP, PM me and I'll send you to one of the best in this part of the country. If you want a true waterfowl dog I can set you up with a knot head CBR.

The other little tid-bit of info is watch the Thursday paper go section for the Bird count at refuges. That kind of gives a little idea of bird movement. Also go to other state websites and check their bird counts. That helps in getting a feel of the surrounding states.

Good luck and have fun.
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