Winds were call'n and when fish'n is good go fish'n

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Winds were call'n and when fish'n is good go fish'n

Postby lindschesapeake » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:04 pm

Couldn't get back to sleep Thursday morning due the winds a call'n so I got up at 4 and figured I'd take old Helley-Belly and pass shoot a few ducks before work on Thursday morning. The winds severed up a few flashers and a looker. Back at work by 8:30.

And as the saying goes when the fish'n is good you'd better go fish'n. So I went out today Friday the 27th with the pup Rudy to one of my mallard holes with the intention of only shooting decoying birds.

Four different groups of Mallards circled in the same fashion they've done for years and took a Green Head out of each group. Couldn't resist pass shooting a ring-neck, which Rudy had no idea of were the bird was. They all have dropped in the decoys so why didn't this one. After combing the spread and the bank too I hit him with the hard stop whistle and got his attention with the splash of a rock, wouldn't pass any test but it severed its purpose. Bird retrieved.

The final group of mallards, 3 that I was able to pull out of a high flying flock, circled but would not commit and landed about 70 yards up river. Well, I figured since the sand bars are covered nicely why not try Rudy on a sneak up. Good training for him and me. Heeeled pup through the willows until I got within range. Stepped out and got my 5th Green Head for the day. Rudy took off through the willows and emerged about 30 yards above the bird. Lucky for me the bird flopped in the water and Rudy spotted the splashing.

Now I've got a young pup standing over Mr. Mallard not sure if he should play with the flopping duck or just bite at the splashes. Not being forced fetch yet the word is "Get it Rudy!!!" and he did. You see most of his birds have been ones he has watch fly in. This was a new game and boy was he going to have fun but he did show his understanding to the come in whistle with bird in hand, or bird in mouth.

Back to town by 10am.

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Postby ghostingrey » Fri Oct 27, 2006 6:33 pm

Great story there. Sounds like your having a blast with the pup and having one heck of a season. Your posts always remind me how much I need a dog. I know who to talk to when I'm ready :yes: Good huntin.
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