Less Ducks?

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Less Ducks?

Postby 12Ga. » Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:45 pm

Went to the "well" for the third week in a row and saw less ducks and more hunters. The previous two weeks at Bernardo were great, but this last Wednesday was back to average or below. I only took one bird after a morning of trying to be polite to other hunters (and one miss). Except for one group of skybusters, most hunters were letting the ducks that were there work and many got decent shooting.

I figured the ducks would be stacked up on the north side ponds when leaving at 1PM, but they weren't there either. It looks like the locals have moved south or to places they're not getting shot at while the weather hasn't pushed any new birds down from the north. Any other guesses?
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Postby lindschesapeake » Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:27 pm

12 ga

I was out twice this week on the river for an early morning shoot and the bird numbers are less but still getting a few groups decoying in. The birds are definitely finding the safe zones and a good push of new birds moving in would be nice.

On another note a couple guys who hunt on the west side of the river about 2.5 miles south of Highway 60, Bernardo exit off of I 25, have pretty much claimed it as their own. Tried setting up down there one day and they showed that they were not going to have any part of somebody hunting in their spot. They setup less than 50 yards way right in line of sight. Realizing this wasn't going to be good I just got the hell out and went to another spot and managed to get three.

So anybody that wants to know a good spot, and enjoy confrontation go 2.5 miles south of highway 60 on the west side of the river. Look for a small ATV trail and walk it in. The area is back washed, flooded out willows and ducks work well. However you must enjoy hunting with in-breeds because they will be there. These two guys believe they have the deed to this part of the river. Plus they enjoy the pre hour shooting and probably would enjoy peppering you as well.
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