Duck Migration pretty much in full swing for NM

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Duck Migration pretty much in full swing for NM

Postby lindschesapeake » Thu Nov 23, 2006 7:02 am

Checked the duck counts at the NWR's the numbers have pretty much reached their normal max levels but Bosque's has actually dropped. Birds are scattered due to the ponded water around the state,

I've been out 5 times over the past week and a half and ducks are sitting pretty tight with this nice weather. Jumped good size groups on the river one day and lots down south. Eastern NM places are next on the list.

C-Geese should start moving in but need another good storm front up north to move some birds down. Snows are around mostly at Bosque. When is first Snow Goose hunt at Bernardo? Bernardo can cut corn up to 10 days before a hunt so when they cut some will come.

Midwest numbers were up a week ago but things have dwindled down a little and planning a trip for a goose hunt in first part of Dec. Hope to see some colder weather move in before I haed out

Should have a lot of hunters out over the holiday and it should help move the birds around a little but safe zones are filling up pretty fast.

Tip for finding areas on the MRGVR, look for left over crops that haven't been plowed in yet.
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