Good vegitation

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Good vegitation

Postby lindschesapeake » Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:51 pm

I've been out to a few places around the State and overall the habitat looks good. Eastern side seems to be up from years past due the moisture.

Ran into a molting green head that had a hell of a time getting air bound. I thought Rudy was going to get to start his season early.

Some areas I spotted good number of Juveniles, both ducks and Geese. Lake water better than last year.

One area really hurting (SW) and will probably write it off.

Quail seem to be doing okay but rattlers taking more than their fair share.

Caught a nice 4 foot rattler and defanged and did a little on the spot snake braking with Rudy. Hit him with the high setting with the collar just as the snake struck at him. It took because a few hour later when I walked him by the snake he about pulled my arm out of the socket trying to get away.

Need the rains to start.

Lastly here is info on the clean wate act currently being reviewed by congress. It hopefully will turn off the supreme court ruling from a few years ago. ... 1:APP=GAC$
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