Shut out over the Holidays.

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Shut out over the Holidays.

Postby Stogie » Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:15 am

Glad all of you did well. I am thinking I may just go back to quail hunting.

First of all we had bluebird days all through the holidays, not a single good day for ducks.

Went to the WMA 3 times.

First trip had ducks all over our spread until 5 min. till legal shooting. At 5 min till somebody shot off behind us and the entire bunch of 30 or more ducks headed for the lake. Ended up getting two Drake Mallard around 8am. Thats all we had shots at.

Next trip we again were swamped in the time before legal shooting, groups of up to 50 ducks swining past and landing in our spread. 5 or 6 waves coming in from the lake.

At 3 min till safe shooting they just turned south and headed back to the lake. Not a single duck came back, hunted till 10am.

On Wed the weatherman promised overcast. Took my wife and 7 year old out. Figgered even if I did not get alot of shooting they would love seeing all the ducks in the early light.

Dressed them as warm as I could and handed out foot and hand warmers. Set up 1/2 hour before safe shooting and hunkered down to see all the ducks.

Not one duck came in. I saw one flight in the distance of 6 ducks and a bunch of seagulls heading north high in the bluebird sky but that is all.

I have to give the 7 year old credit, she lasted 45 min to an hour before haveing a I'm cold meltdown and having to go back to the truck. I hunted another hour and never saw another duck.

So I just stuck to quail hunting, saw dozens of coveys and had great hunting all week. My poor Viszla is about worn out.

For Christmas I got a Mojo Duck, Some field mallard decoys and a new hunting stool. Now all I need is ducks to cooperate. :hammer:

I'm done whining now. :yes:
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Postby hellion » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:16 pm

Had similar problems here, Stogie.

Except I avoided the WMA, still a lot more people than normal out. Didn't see many birds at all, got a few here and a few there, but over all the most I saw were 10 ducks flying off in the distance and about 5 million cranes I probably could have whacked out of the sky with my butt stock :tongue:
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Postby ghostingrey » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:56 am

Hey Carl,
Sorry to hear about the troubles. At least you got out though. I was out of town over Christmas and spent New Years moving :thumbsdown: . But I'll be chasin em this weekend for sure.
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