Last day at the refuge

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Last day at the refuge

Postby Dep666 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:28 pm

Well today was the last day for Iroquois refuge duck hunts. Hey can you guys believe it....we got drawn first! I guess even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. :thumbsup: Anyway there were a bunch of birds down with this cold snap. Big mallards and quite a few Blacks. I was really suprized to still see the number of greenwings. Man they were like a swarm of bees comming into the blocks. Anyway 11 birds for 3 guys . Not bad for a bunch of no-Luck, non-shootin' fellas like us. We should have been limited , but yours truly could hit a bull in the ass with a base fiddle. I don't know what I'm going to do now that the steel shot isn't raining down on my head. All I know is Deer season starts on Saturday. " IF its brown its down." Then I can get back to the main goal..........Divers, Divers, Divers.......Good luck and be safe fellas
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Postby 870 » Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:32 am

Hey Matt, don’t worry a ton of our finest Bambie Busters are heading your way. You can have them, I’m sure they can rattle your tree with their slug guns. Keep your head down my friend, and wear LOTS and I mean LOTS of orange. If I were you I’d fined out where their hunting and set up next to them, I’m sure they will drive everything your way, did I already say you can have them. It won’t be hard to find them at night either, just go to the local watering hole and look for a group of YAHOOS making fools of them selves and that will be them.

I love it when they try to bust me on shooting ducks. My come back is, “hold on, your telling me how easy it is to shoot ducks ya right, You boys shoot a rifle that can kill up to a 1000yrd with the scope you have on it (that’s in the hands of some one good) you wait for a 165lb buck to come out and stand broadside to you. Now let me put you in a layout with 2ft waves shooting at something flying between 45and 65 mph, that’s smaller than a football. BRING IT. Some have come out and went home with their hats in their hands, saying it’s harder than I thought. HEHEHEHEHE
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