Courtesy in Oswego NY

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Courtesy in Oswego NY

Postby Banded Sailor » Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:26 pm

Recently there has been a lot of negative attention focused on waterfowl hunting in Oswego. The local residents have been complaining to their city officials regarding the gunshots during this time of sensitivity towards firearms. It literally sounds like popcorn with the hunters shooting divers. Last week a city alderman whose name I'll withold was walking her dog down breitbeck park when her dog saw some decoys and jumped in the water after them. At the same time gunshots were heard and she freaked thinking that the duck hunters were going to shoot her dog or something. Shortly after the Mayor's phone was ringing off the hook. Luckily my alderman which is responsible for this ward notified me and we spread the word around to keep this matter at bay. A good friend of mine showed the laws and legal areas to shoot in the harbor which I can say is not where most duck hunters have been setting up. The City has come up with a solution to post signs making a notice to residents that hunters will be in the area with dates posted. These signs will only be up just prior to the season beginning and will be removed following the end.
This could have gone in a bad direction fast with talks of enforcing a noise ordanance. While we've been working hard to put this matter to rest, there has been some duck hunters working against us.
While duck hunting in the harbor, there have been hunters, actually Poachers that have been driving their boats around and aimlessly shooting divers. Although I don't ethically agree with their method, I do understand that it is ILLEGAL to shoot waterfowl from a moving vessel. All this negative attention has now put the authorities on notice. There are cameras in the port, on the mcrobie building and one very powerful one on top of the steam station that can see if you're eating a ham sandwich or turkey. The DEC will be out since they caught these poachers in the act, and good riddance to them. Be aware you are now being watched.
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Re: Courtesy in Oswego NY

Postby DukBum » Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:33 pm

Thank you for the info Banded Sailor,I live in the area but personally dont hunt waterfowl in that area.Welcome to the forum
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Re: Courtesy in Oswego NY

Postby eGrant51 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:56 am

I have an Oswego duck hunting story. It was more then 30 years ago, I was attending the college. A friend and I set up on Rice Creek. it was the first day and we had a pretty good shoot, at first we could not understand why there were no other hunters. We looked at the map and learned we were in the wrong zone, and were two weeks early. Lucky we did not meet the game warden. I remember watching flocks of Goldeneye, thousands of them, on the lake. I have not been back up that way in a very long time. I hope you work out the issue there, it always seesm to be one person who ruins it for everyone. eGrant
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Re: Courtesy in Oswego NY

Postby toolmaker » Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:15 pm

I think it is always a good idea for us as hunters to confront those in our ranks when ever we the ramp, passing by in the boat..on line. Sure many times the other guy wont be receptive to listening...but the message was planted even if he didnt like hearing it...and your effort will have SOME affect. we know when we go out, that other hunters are our first line of help when there is trouble on the water, so we all WANT to try and get along, because we never know when WE might need the help...

no doubt we wont sway many of the poacher community who doesnt care about the law, who doesnt care about tradition and who doesnt care about future hunting opportunities that may dwindle away with their actions.

so it is great that you posted here....the less interaction with the police and the towns officers, the better, all the way around!!

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