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Postby southpaw92 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:22 pm

soooo i stumbled upon a 1436 a bass the other day and once again we went home with it hahaha.... im looking for ideas should i build a blind or what and if so how... also me and the little lady are thinking about kayaks to hunt out of.... does anyone have any experience hunting or fishing out of them... how long of one do i want i want it big enough to safely hunt the shore of the lakes and if i could find a river to hunt that as well.... thanks again guys

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Re: boats

Postby jeepman » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:28 pm

I used to have a cheap general purpose kayak that i hunted from( it was a perception swifty). They aren't bad in marshy areas but i didn't care for it in really deep water. I towed a dozon or so decoys behind me and covered the opening and most of the boat with a piece of camo netting. Around where i live their is a fair amound of marshy public land with no boat launches to access. I was thinking of getting one of those otters with he layout cover and putting my electric motor on it for those situations. I just wouldn't be able to bring the dog i don't think.
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Re: boats

Postby 870 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:50 pm

Hey southpaw. It’s a 14fter right, where do you plan on hunting with it and what kind of hunting are you going to be doing and how many are you plan on hunting with?
I use to hunt out a 13ft Kayak out on Lake Ontario only along the shore on calm days. The 13fter was just big enough for me and my spread of decoys. In all boats size matter :thumbsup:
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Re: boats

Postby GREGS » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:35 pm


I use a 12 foot kayak for solo hunts a 14’ jon and an 18’ semi vee.

They each have their place through out the season.

I have used the kayak nearly half the hunts I’ve been on this season. I can throw it in the back of the pick up fully loaded and back down the ramp and slide it off.
it hauls about 2 doz. oversize duck decoys loose behind the seat, about 3 doz. lifesize.
Get a kayak with a wide open cockpit that you sit down in,that way you can get in and out in waders easily.
The reason I take it so often is because it’s easy. I have had it out a few times when the wind kicked up a little two much for it but never felt unsafe in it.
It’s a good tool for scouting too. I have paddled 5 miles up stream during summer flow with no problem. It cuts through the swamp pretty nice too and launches without a ramp.


Con’s - not too great in heavy current or heavy wind. Can't take friends along.
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