Boat launch on onondaga lake

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Boat launch on onondaga lake

Postby southpaw92 » Wed May 15, 2013 8:29 pm

so i understand Onondaga lake is not the best for hunting.... but months ago we were informed they were making a nice launch for us.... it was in the paper etc..... however working at a parts store you hear lots of things.... i was talking to a Honeywell foreman who said it was highly unlikely that we would ever see it... and that the work there doing next to 690 west is going to be a bike path..... and that the land is being looked at to develop...... his continued to explain that the wet land habitat is not substantial and wont be noticed if the lake is land locked!!!! WTFFFFF so a week or so has gone by and today my wife bumps in to a eco at a coffee shop.... and being a Quack addict like the rest of us she asked him..... his answer was also "it be unlikely to see it "....... im so freaking done with this state we pay our dues every year all year round and this is how we get thanked...... sorry for the ranting im just pissed..... and yep im back work finally went form 55-60 hrs a week to 40 :hi:
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Re: Boat launch on onondaga lake

Postby labtrainer » Thu May 16, 2013 5:01 am

southpaw, and anyone else that wants a boat launch on Onondaga Lake, flood the DEC (they have a special Dept. that installs and maintains all boat launches) with letters/emails/Fax's etc. requesting the launch. Write your local Representatives make it a big Political/Media issue. We had a small local fishing club that proposed brush piles to improve a local lake, the DEC rejected our offer to gather/install the brush piles. One year later the same DEC Fisheries Bio. announced in the local newspaper "they" had come up with a "wonderful new idea" to improve the lake........DEC installed "Brush Piles"!!!!! We then Proposed boat launch docks that we would build and install.....again the idea was rejected by the year later guess what.....brand new docks, with the DEC Bio's Picture on the front page of the paper, Headline's "DEC Introduces Boat Launch Improvments"............Oh well, sometimes you have to "plant the seeds" :thumbsup:
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