Tschach Pool Conditions

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Tschach Pool Conditions

Postby carlschmarl2 » Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:33 pm

I was wondering what the Pool condition was like this year as far as water/cattails went.

I made the trip a few years ago (2009/10 I believe) and all the reeds and cattails were gone and it was a big open lake. The following year (2011?) it was so choked full of cattails that there wasn't any open pools/areas. I didn't hunt it at all last year due to the extreme differences. They seem to change the conditions from one extreme to the next from year to year.

I did make a side trip through the area back in the early spring/end of winter, but it was hard to tell from the tower.

Please PM me if you don't feel comfortable sharing on this post. I'd hate to have some internet scouters see it.

I'll most likely be up in the area for a week once the season starts. I usually hunt alone, so if someone would like to tag along I'm all for the company!
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