Hey harvey1b

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Hey harvey1b

Postby 870 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:08 pm

Matt, For my dog ramp I used a bunch of old gas BBQs frames I found in the trash. Their square tubing and some were bent to 90s already. I took some measurements off my boat and started chopping and wielding. It’s far from pretty, it looks pretty much like white trash, bottom line it works great and to me that’s all that matters. My next one will be pimped out; I’ll post pic’s of that one.

Matt I was thinking instead of you coming up here with your lead next spring. How’s about me coming down there, I’ll bring my smelter down and my molds. If we could find some place in central NY where we could get a bunch of the boys from DHC who are reading this to show up with some lead we could punch out a ton of decoy weights.

So let me know what you think, and if any of you guys are interested lets here from you. I have two round and three square ones with four ears like what you see in the Cabela’s.

This could be a great time to put faces to names, swap stories, tell lies you know guy stuff. :salude:
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Postby harvey1b » Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:58 pm

your description of the dog platform had me rolling! :laughing: :laughing: That's awesome! I want a white trash 870 model dog platform too. I don't think Lily would have it any other way, and I know CLUTCH would love it on his boat.

That's a great idea on the get together to make deke anchors. The ones you sent me work awesome for geese dekes.

OK everyone, now we have a call for a camping trip, a skeet shoot, and a decoy weight party. Lots of options here and it could turn into a crazy weekend. Sounds like fun to me. Bring your boats, your dogs, your shotguns, and plenty of lead!
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