Pistol Permit 15 Months

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Pistol Permit 15 Months

Postby Slack Tide » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:30 am

And counting.........Suffolk County. They now say that they only need to take 6 months FROM THE INTERVIEW!.....But there is no language or guarantee of a quick turn around.
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Re: Pistol Permit 15 Months

Postby Lonegoose32 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:58 am

The whole process is a joke. We are still at 5 months or so from application to receiving permit. Whole process should take a month if that. I had address change so had to go back to sheriff and pay money and get pic taken again. Doubt i changed much for looks in couple months
I took course may 27 and was moving into new house june 1st. Told sheriff that and they said i needed to use current address...so i moved and they sent permit to old address and sheriffs dept wont fwd to new address. So i had to call sheriff to ask if permit was sent which they get bent when you call and ask. They said it was and returned back to them. Then i had to go pick it up there in 2 weeks and pay for amendment paperwork.
So if i didnt call my permit would have sat there for who knows how long. Cant wait to see how conceal carry goes.
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