Wish I had that land back

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Wish I had that land back

Postby stumpjumper » Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:03 pm

Boy did I screw up. Hind sight is 20/20. My brother-in-law lives in Fayettville. About 7 years ago he called me up and said he had found some land in Bladen county that we could deer hunt on. Well I drove down there as fast as I could to scout it out. The land consisted of 50 acres of fields, next to 80 acres of pines, that butted up to a swamp that in places was around 4 1/2 feet deep. It was one of those eerie swamps like in Deliverance. Couldn`t get the taught of pigs sqeeling out of my head. :laughing: Well, I placed a stand not more than 10 yards off that swamp facing the pines. Figured I`d use the water as a funneling area. Now let me tell you, I saw ALOT of deer and we took some real nice bucks out of there to. But, AT THE TIME, there was one thing I hated about that swamp( other than the crazy sounds coming out of it ) and that was the ducks. Ducks everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated it when the woodies and teal would kamakaze in. At times it was so loud with the sound of whistling and quacking I couldn`t hear myself think. I HATED those ducks. I wish that they would have just went away! I don`t know if you guys have ever been in a stand and had ducks buzz within feet of you when it was just starting to get light. You`ll get a sfincter level of 10 for sure. Eventually I moved that stand to rid myself of the noise.
Well the first year I decided to start duck hunting we lost the land to a hunting club. :pissed: Talk about bad luck. Now I find myself dreaming of that swamp and longing to see those ducks. I tell all my friends about it every year. I`d do anyting, almost, to get that land back. Just to duck hunt it ONE day. And to think I use to hate that swamp. What an idiot I was.
Don`t wish to hard. I just might come true.
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