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Postby Gopack » Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:10 pm

'Mauler and Dirty, I by know strech of the imagination live in a glass house and I'm certain there are things I do'believe that others on te board disagree with.But I do know everyone on here loves duck hunting and wants to see others enjoy it too.
And 'Dirty, I don't think we're understanding what the other is saying. My question was; say you're hunting with 2 buddies and a group of 7 mallards(in my dreams or back in 2002) and you pick out a bird line up and squeeze the trigger, I would think you would know what/whre it feel that you shot.Yes there have been numerous times I picked out A bird, and before I pulled the trigger it folded, then I move to the next.But if out of those 7 mallards, I knew I dropped 2 drakes(yea right) and a hen, because I saw then when I shot.And I actually Do think that ducks ARE getting to be like "...blocks of gold", simply because I don't see that many.Now when I hunt and by some miracle a flock ddoes come in locked up, the guy's on the outside seat get outer flock birds and middle seat gets inner. Anyway, this horse is now twice beaten, good luck guys hope yawl have a good hunt!! :smile:
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Postby DarkThirty Killer » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:20 am

I'm done also, we'll just agree to disagree(or see things differently) and hope everyone got something out of it.
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Postby DuckMauler » Wed Sep 06, 2006 11:57 am

Well spoken DTK, i hope everyone is successful on yalls next hunts, agree to disagree.

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