When you think like a duck

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When you think like a duck

Postby stealfeathers » Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:00 pm

I recently moved, as a bunch of yal who are on here a lot know. When I moved I took from December 5-January5th off work. I duck hunted literally everyday besides Christmas morning excluding about 6 mornings of doing nothing but scouting. But still, I was doing ducky things.

Now I have been back to work a little over a week and it's very hard not hitting the water. I am having extreme withdrawals such as over eating and grinding my teeth. I keep calling the females at work hens and the males drakes. I keep mistaking the time I have to be to work with legal shooting light. I hear ducks flying by, when there's nothing there. Ducks are calling in the distance, but it's only my ringtone. I refuse to wear any other shoes but my camo crocks. I get home from work and clean my gun as if it had been in be marsh that morning. I need yaks help! Should I see a counselor?


The first part is true, it was fun!! The second part I made up because I'm taking a $*** and I don't have any new magazines. Duck hunting magazines that it!!!!!!!!!
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Re: When you think like a duck

Postby Onwaterillbe » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:26 pm

I hear ya. I spent a week in FL hunting Lake Okeechobee during Christmas break. Hunted mornings and evenings in t-shirts and shorts. Came back to NC and -5 degrees. What a shock!
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