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Postby lbhansford » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:21 pm

Question for the locals. hunting for 8 days last week of oct/first week of nov in the jamestown and goodrich areas. Driving from VA so limited storage. Is a layout blind neccesary for the trip? should i roof top a kayak all the way out? or should we be able to find adequate places to hunt water from shore cover? i will be bringing a retriever for downed birds and/or finding cripples as i do not beilive in wasting such a precious resource. any advice would be great.
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Re: layout?

Postby bowhunter1212 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:36 pm

Water out there every where this year ditches are full of water and ducks . most pot holes you can wade.
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Re: layout?

Postby npetersen51 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:15 pm

I too will be heading to the Jamestown area for the non-res opener on Sept. 28th and back again the weekend of Oct. 19. I usually hunt the Langdon area, but changed things up this year. I'm anxious to see the landscape, amount of posted property, water conditions, crop harvest progress, and bird population in Jamestown. My concern is the ducks may not be utilizing the fields frequently by Sept. 28 due to warmer temps. Praying for a cold front soon! I'll hunt water, but would much rather work birds over a field setup.

As for when you will be traveling there, I would guess you would get better shooting out of the fields as the big migrating flocks are usually in full force by then. Not to say you won't get decent shooting over water, just my two cents.

I have a final approach express layout blind that folds up well for storage. I assume most layout blinds do. If you can't bring it along, I grew up hunting under makeshift blinds of burlap with cover zip-tied to the burlap. That time of year though birds become wary, so anything you can do with regards to concealment can make or break a hunt.

Best of luck!
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Re: layout?

Postby Old Hunter » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:09 am

At that time of year you may be hunting in conditions with snow. Bring some white coveralls. You can use tyvek painters suit. also you can whiten your blind with christmas snow spray. It comes off easily
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Re: layout?

Postby davecz » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:54 pm

that time of the year you should be hunting fields and not water so any kind of boats wont be necessary
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Re: layout?

Postby tbossart » Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:54 am

I hunt my waterfowl almost exclusivley in the Jamestown area and have for 39 years, you wont need a boat of any sort unless you have a burning desire to hunt large oepn water, which they have plenty of. That late you are going to do far better in the field in my opinion, as many have already commented. If you wish to hunt over water, there are thousands of pot holes and medium sized sloughs you can get right up to the edge of and simply stand in the cover easily. Wadders/hip boots would be good, but you can get away with out them a lot of time. In the right conditions you can pass shoot betweeen 4 or 5 larger sloughs with no decoys no nothing...just get int he "fly way" the ducks are using to pass through the area. Again, you will be way happier scouting for a large feed in the fields to hunt though...much. I can tell you most land, not all but most, is posted. However, most land owners, not all but most, are very gracious about letting you hunt if ya ask. Unless we get real wet, which is not supposed to happen, all the crops will be off. I have been shooting geese since August 15th in that area, You will be looking at mostly corn stubble, wheat stubble ( likley most of it turned over by then but not all), and soybean stubble..which isnt very of anything cover wise really...maybe some sunflowers ( veery few to the south or east of Jamestown). Bring a rake...even a small one can really help you covere up. And a shovel as sometimes it helps to dig your blind down if the cover is sparse ( fill in any hole ya dig obvioulsy). Not sure what you have for decoys, but in the fields you want some, if not all, full body full motion decoys and a least one robotic decoy with a remote if you wish to shoot canadian geese. I reccomend both mallards and a few geese too. When we go full throttle, we have 10-15 dozen mallards and about 4 dozen canadians out and 4 or 5 robotics. Mallards, big northern mallards more so, like to hang with the geese. Hope that helps. Good luck
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