Coteau Lodge Review of Guide - Don't Go!

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Coteau Lodge Review of Guide - Don't Go!

Postby HuntHikeSki » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:51 pm

Here is my ecperience...Please read a couple of the other folks reviews.

The reviews for Coteau Lodge posted by others must have been years ago when Tim cared about giving his customers a good experience. The entire time Tim seemed to be annoyed that we were there and at any questions we asked him (trust me, we were low maintenance hunters). We planned on hunting pheasants while we were there and had talk/email Tim about such. As soon as he had the money in hand he told us that there was not even a hatch this spring. Also, that there were not birds to hunt. It would have been nice to know that and we would have not spent the 80 bucks on the upland bird permit. The entire time we never even saw a pheasant while out in the field. Each time we went to get directions or be put on the field to hunt, Tim put no effort into finding anything outside 5 miles of town to hunt. We had one hunt that we were not set up for in time and when we asked if we could get out early, Tim was really annoyed. He did have a young kid in his early 20's that would put in a whole lot not effort into finding birds. Tim has a overhead door side business that seems to take all of his time and energy. The lodge is not longer his and his accommodations were bad. When Tim showed us our house, it had leaking roofs and really bad lighting, it was more like a haunted house. They formally had a bird cleaning station, which would have been nice, but were to lazy to put it up. It would have been better to have stayed in a nicer hotel room and guide myself. The overall experience was poor and I wish had spent a little more money to go with a real guide. Tim needs to sell the business and move on or stop misleading folks. I know that our of state hunters might be annoying to him, but I could have done just as good hunting at home in my backyard. I took a lot of time off work and spent a lot of money to get there just to be treated poorly.
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