11/12 little man cubs first time out

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11/12 little man cubs first time out

Postby bluebilldays » Sat Nov 12, 2005 5:44 pm

Well, with no new ducks still in, and the tought of goose hunting out of my mind, I decided to take my 4yr old out to a small farm pond that usually holds mallards. All and all lets say that if you really want to hit ducks, do not take a 4yr old. At first light there were about 30+ birds in the pond, pouring in, in flocks of two to eight, with about 10 min to shooting hours. My son could not see them so I told him to stand up because we were in the dark shadows and I wanted him to see the birds work on the next pair I was going to take. And guess what, in the loudest voice I have ever heard while hunting "DAD, DAD!!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE DUCKS"! If he was someone I was hunting with I probably would have hit him upside his head with my gun! Oh well, after every bird in the county took off I looked at him and could not help but to laugh my tail off. The excited look in his face was just priceless!! Not to mention when he asked why I didn't shoot any ducks. Just so plumb suprised by the reaction I forgot to shoot. I guess thats what it is all about.. Don't forget to take the little ones with you every now and then. By far the most fun I had all season!! Oh yea, his first time out.
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Postby bubba1 » Sat Nov 12, 2005 6:29 pm

My son is now five, he went out 5-6 time last year, mostly in the afternoon. Took him out once in the morning, I don't pack that much gear for a week as i did for him. He slept through the morning shooting, wakes ups and asks for breakfast. Hot pancakes in the blind, still talks about it.

It's different hunting with kids, but no less rewarding. Keep taking him out.
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