Looking for some dog info from Ohio hunters

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Looking for some dog info from Ohio hunters

Postby Bandit06 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:39 pm

Ok guys, I've been looking for some lab pups out of hunting bloodlines in Southern Ohio and the surrounding area. So far, I'm not having much luck and everyone I can think of to ask nearby has no clue. I'm new to labs and retrievers, but not new to hunting dogs in general. I'm looking for registered labs out of hunting stock. I've found plenty of non-registered dogs, and lots of pets, but from past experience with other hunting dogs I'm looking to buy from something proven. I have squirrel dogs and know there are plenty of puppy mills and people with dogs that do good to find their food bowl ready to snatch up my money :lol3: If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I'm in Southern Ohio down on the river, but I would be willing to travel.
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Re: Looking for some dog info from Ohio hunters

Postby labman63 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:39 pm

Male or female? Color? Price range? I can find about anything your looking for, just need to know what you prefer. I'm in NC but have family in southern Ohio and WV and could possibly deliver when your ready. I have a friend that has 2 litters now that will be ready Christmas week.
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Re: Looking for some dog info from Ohio hunters

Postby tstroud05 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:55 pm

I bought my lab from Certainty Labs in Sabina, OH. I live about 25 minutes from their kennel... They are a fairly new outfit, but have good dogs, and a great support chain. Kathryn Taylor Green is the contact. Very friendly. I have been VERY pleased with the dog I received from them. He is a Chocolate about 75 lbs. works water great for the minimal training I gave him (doesn't do hand signals). He has great marking ability. This dog will retrieve EVERY downed bird on the water or in the field. Even the hunting group next to you if ya let him! He works upland very well, we hunt with 3 dogs, my lab, a Brittany, and a German Wirehaired pointer... I couldn't count how many times those two pointers ran past a pheasant, and Kingston came behind them and flushed it out. Definitely fun to brag to my dad and my buddy! So if you're looking for an economically priced lab that will hunt his/her *** off I would at least check out their website, and maybe give Kathryn a call... Here is the website... http://certaintylabradors.com/main_page.html
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Re: Looking for some dog info from Ohio hunters

Postby SkagitRiver » Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:16 pm

When you are looking for any new dog that you have a desired/required purpose for beyond just being a foot warmer, it is VERY important to look for at least three generations of pedigree for both of the parents. In a retriever the things to look for are performance titles before the name Field Champion(FC) Amateur Field Champion(AFC) or after the name Master Hunter(MH) or ***, which denote Qualified All Age(field trial equivalent to hunt test Master Hunter). The more titles, the more proven the line will be and the greater potential to have a pup with your desired hunting traits.

Before I started campaigning tests and trials, I felt dogs with Senior Hunter(SH) titles were enough, until I found out just how easy that title is to obtain. Bench Champions(Ch) are bred for appearance and in many/most cases the hunting instincts have been minimized or removed by breeding in exchange for looks. Yes, some still retrieve "OK" and a few have done some great things but the usual is never to the joy or excitement of a truly field bred lab.

I know this sounds difficult to understand but do some research and the breeder should be able to adequately explain these levels and the difficulty to obtain. Personally, I also think that the breeder should either have a hunt training program or connection to a program with a demonstrated ability of reaching the above achievements. This is necessary in order to help you meet your and your dog's training needs and reach your full potential.

If you want an excellent hunting dog, don't be concerned with reaching out of your local area. A reputable breeder will be better able to judge and pick one of their pups for you than you will be at this stage. There are MANY great breeders and one that I trained with for three years when I was living in Washington, is Ryan Fortier of Long Hollow Retrievers. http://longhollowretrievers.com/

This is a lot of information but I hope it helps. A well-bred and well trained retriever is worth their weight in gold.
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