Holiday weekend huntin

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Holiday weekend huntin

Postby mallardman36 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:51 pm

Well , like to start out by thanking all the guys for the welcome to the group, and im in norther ohio, bout 1 hr south of lake erie, anyone wants to get together and hunt, any way here was my hunting report from north zone, hunted thanksgivin morn, managed 2 mallards and a goose limit, friday morn hunted not allot of action did get 2 geese, all hunts in cut bean feild, saturday hunted public lake out around atwater, i cant tell u how disappointin that was, killed a drake mallard first thing, he dumped right in the diver deks, then me and my buddy seen a group of mallards , which had black ducks in it, these losers that set up about 100 yrds from us , just screamed and screamed @ these ducks ( notta) so we just blew our drake whistles those ducks flipped a 190 and started workin, they were awesome , cuppin , divin , but couldnt get wind right so they banked 1 more time, and those sky bustin idiots shot at them :huh: , i was hot and they didnt even kill a bird. So hunted today for geese, managed a limit, and i got my first GOOSE BAND. :hammer: That was awesome, so hope u all have good hunts in the future. Roy
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Postby Ohio Wildfowler » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:42 pm

You just have to love hunting public areas when the yo-yos are out. :huh: I see lot of it on GLSM also. It really makes me :mad: to say the least!!! :yes:

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