SouthEast Oklahoma Overview

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SouthEast Oklahoma Overview

Postby USMC_Aggie » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:48 pm


I am looking for general info on how the duck hunting is in the southeast portion of the state. I am talking the area south of I-40 and east of I-35. I am aware much of it is mountainous with some elevation changes, but it looks like with the water and some open country it could hold some decent ducks.

I still have a few more years left in the Marine Corps but am strongly considering semi-retiring in this portion of the state and buying a few hundred acres. I am not an internet scouter looking for honey holes or even hunting places. I am just looking for general info on counties and areas as well as flyway info such as average duck numbers and type, as I would love to own a few acres that I could hunt on.

Thanks for any information or areas to concentrate my search.
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Re: SouthEast Oklahoma Overview

Postby danieledwards12 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:57 am

the further south and east you go the more you will be hunting major waterways. for example, rivers or lakes. theres no supply of farm larnd or large farm ponds. i grew up in leflore county and for college i moved to north east oklahoma where i now live. i never knew what field hunting was until i moved up here. i love it!! duck hunting can get boredline out of control in southeastern oklahoma if everything lines up just right. i can remember in the past, and mind you i am only 27 years old so it wasnt really that long ago, when you could kill a 10 man limit any givin day of the week. last year was a bad year. no water at all and warmer temps. it was bad all over the state!! during wet years i always had success hunting back waters off the river (close to the lakes) mainly flooded buck brush, sloughs, and a few spots of flooded timber. the water level has to be way up for the flooded timber though. but when it is it is game on!
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Re: SouthEast Oklahoma Overview

Postby UrbanDuckMan » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:05 pm

IF you can locate to the WESTERN portion of the state ... as the duck hunting is better as a rule ... simply more ROW CROPS go'n on! Less water overall ... but still more in that " arid " part of the state than in most other " arid " areas of adjoining states. Still lots of Stock Ponds , Man Made Lakes Rivers and the like!

I live in the middle of the state and run all over it. Overall I prefer the Western Part of the state ... but maybe that's just me ... FIELD HUNT'N DUCKS just don't seem right to me ... no judging those that do ... but we is SUPPOSED TO SHOOT DUCKS OVER WATER!

The previous poster pretty well nailed the east ... but ... left one important item out and that is ... GET A BOAT ... hell get one regardless of which part of the state you live in ... but especially in the East! Oklahoma has more SHORELINE MILEAGE than any other state in the Union with most of that being provided by Stock Ponds, WaterSheds and Lakes .... ALL MAN MADE!

While the western man mades are fairly shallow compared to the eastern lakes ... merely the difference between running water out on a flat surface and filling up a valley between two MOUNTAINS!

Some of the lakes that we like to hunt when we was younger and run'n wild was , Hugo, Broken Bow, Tenkiller , Little River State Park, Grand Lake and on and on it goes! THere are also a large number of Smaller Municipal Water Supply Lakes and most of these you can shoot for a daily $3.00 Fee! It is true that there are fewer man made ponds BUT there are quite a few what the locals call SLOUGHS that lie well up on the mountains. CYPRESS SWAMPS is more like it and they usually have a lot of Hardwoods and especially Pin Oaks all over. These are tightly held to the vest spots though and you don't just get out walk over and BLOW'EM UP!

Oh yeah almost forgot about Red Slough ... when it's got water and you don't mind fight'n the Damn Tejasicans ... a guy can shoot a limit!

Good Luck!

P.S. ... If your ever in state or have time to come down and spend say a week with me and my buddies we can give you the Nickle Dime Tour of our PRIVATES that lie in the South Central part of the state. I got a small well equipped Hunt'n/Fish'n Cabin that you can stay in so's it won't cost you nuth'n 'cept for vittles and of course say a bottle of FINE SIP'N WHISKEY!

Contact me via PM on this site , thru my email ... or Facebook thingy ... facebook/UrbanDuckMan!

Got a couple more Ex or soon to be EX Military's ... one moved to Alaska but comes back yarly to hunt wiht us and one that is due to retire in about 2 years that spends a couple of weeks wiht us each winter ... WE LIKE to try and get them Ex Militaries to MOVE TO OKLAHOMA after they RETIRE!
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