Little River Hunting

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Little River Hunting

Postby RDQS » Wed May 15, 2013 6:13 pm

Anyone out there hunted the Little River NWR? Looks like a pretty ducky place from the maps. Anyone heard how it is?
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Re: Little River Hunting

Postby UrbanDuckMan » Thu May 16, 2013 12:04 pm

I assume that you are referring to the Little River Area a half hour from Broken Bow and The Little River State Park area around Lake Nasty ( can't remember the actual name of the lake and used the one we gave her )?

It can at AT TIMES be DAMN GOOD but most times I would describe it as just " so so "! There are several reasons tossed about and here are a few with short reasonings why.

First off the lake is in a mountainous and rocky area and it is also like most of the " eastern " located lakes ... also VERY DEEP! Not much row crop'n about and not much in the lake for the ducks to chow on. This means among other things that it is not a favorite destination laze'n about lake ... it is IMO more of a STAGE LAKE where at times fairly large numbers of ducks off of a BIG PUSH will stop off and spend a bit of resting up time! Hence... when they are " in town " or on the lake and in the area as a whole they ain't gonna be there but a few days at best!

The species of duck that does seem to prefer the place and the reason could be is that it is simply in the FlyWay used and therefore simply more convenient... are MALLARDS! Whenever " ducks are in " it has always been good numbers of Mallards. Just keep in mind YOU GOTTA CATCH THEM WHEN THEY ARE THERE... and ... HIT'EM HARD and stay on'em till they pull up and unass the area to continue on south. The Mallards that use that area seem to hasten down from the St. Louis and KC areas and mostly when and IF those areas FREEZE UP SOLID as a BRIDE GROOMS Hoo Hoo! And as we know that has not taken place all that often since oh say the mid 90's to early 2000's.

A few other things to keep in mind is that there is an annual " WINTER DRAW DOWN " of the water levels. It always gets taken down around early November and since the sides are STEEP and DEEP makes for some tough WALK IN HUNTING! IMO a boat is a MUST! Then you gotta worry about the sunken TREE STUMPS and TREE TOPS up in the cuts off the main lake. There are a lot of cuts off the main lake ... in fact... you can run up into the end of one ... come out and almost immediatley head up into a new and different one ... this is that way on both sides of the lake! Thing is ... dem ducks only seem to select but a few of the many cuts to head into in the early light. You gotta spend some time and work to figure that one out once you get there. I will say that there are a couple that are better than the rest for attract'n and holding ducks. The reason for this appears that the small amounts of aquatic vegetatin that can grow a bit in those spots are the reason why?

The shorelines are heavily loaded and lined with " Buck Brush " and you'd think this would make for wonderful Natural Camofaluge and Duck cover. Thing is once the WInter Draw Down is made the Buck Brush is left well off the water and can be as much of a liability as a help. BRING YOUR OWN MOBIL CAMOFLAUGE RIGGING or A GOOD BOAT BLIND! Sitting about in an open boat is a BIG WASTE OF TIME!

Not many people hunt this area and the reasons are listed above. Seems only a very few LOCAL GUYS have the knowledge needed to be sucessful and this has come from many years of hunting it. Finding those that will fill you in on what, when and how are far and few between. I can only hope dem that taught me a bit about it ... DON'T READ THIS POST!

You will also need some LONG LINES on those Dekes as there are very few SHALLOW MUD FLATS to be found. Look for those Mud Flats ands start out there!
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