Youth hunt

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Youth hunt

Postby lockednloaded » Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:36 am

My little brother finally got his first bird! Beautiful woodie drake, which incidentally is the same as what my first bird was as well as my Dad's. Super proud of this kiddo. Gonna mount it for him at some point. Image
The ducks stopped flying, so we switched gear and picked up a few doves too! Definitely a memorable morning. Image

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Re: Youth hunt

Postby OkieDuckFever » Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:54 pm

Congrats to your younger brother! Nice trophy woodie!

I love youth weekend. This was the best opener for my two sons, bird #'s that is, not shooting wise. The woodies came at them fast and furious for the first 20 minutes. I got to sit back, call 'em in, and watch the boys hunt 'em up (notice I said hunt em up and not shoot em up).

A group would come in and they were missing like crazy, another group would come in before they could even reload. They would reload and flush them up and miss again. Rinse and repeat 5-6 times. They had both almost gone through a box of shells each before the sun officially came up and only put 2 birds in the water. They did better when it slowed down to pairs and solos and picked up a couple more.

Here's hoping their shooting improves over the season. We did discover after the hunt, that my 15 year old still had his x-full turkey choke on, so DeadEye (as he calls himself) had an excuse since the birds were in their faces at 10-15 yards.
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