Right To Left Crossing Shots and A Big Pile Of Empty Hulls!

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Right To Left Crossing Shots and A Big Pile Of Empty Hulls!

Postby UrbanDuckMan » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:15 pm

WE finally got we wished for and that was DUCKS! They showed up in good numbers today and me and my Right Hand Squeeze ... TheCajun ( a.k.a. PaPa ) ... run a String Line across a small piece of water in order to play the forecasted SOUTH WIND! Thing was when we got the flights' of you guessed it Gaddies they wasn't act'n or more to the point REACT'N like they SHOULD!

We managed to drop 3 early on but after that it just seemed like instead of Shoot'n Dem In Da Face we was get'n Cross'n Shots at Range! We soldiered on for a bit then realized we was GET'N A NORTH WIND IN OUR FACES! The reason for why our best laid plans had been thwarted. We made a move in order to get a better shot at a TURN SPOT but by the time we made it that spot moved on around and up the shoreline. And ONCE AN OLD FART MAKES ONE MOVE...THAT'S ALL YOUR GONNA GET.

We tried to make the most of it but the shots were CROSS'N SHOTS and only ended up take'n shots that were not our fortay and SHOT A LOT OF HOLES IN THE AIR and PILED UP A BIG PILE OF EMPTY HULLS!

On the way to Breakfast we did some Recon and there was good numbers of ducks on several of our spots ... don't know if they will hold or not but it sure will make for a spirited decision making process on WHERE TO SHOOT TOMORROW!

Though we COULDA...SHOULDA...WOULDA'D the hell of this shoot the 3 we did manage to carry out put us right smack dab on the 200 FOR THE SEASON TO DATE SPOT and that took some of the sting out of it. I mean we had PLENTY OF EXCUSES that got us talked into the old IT AIN'T OUR FAULT ... kind of like a PRESIDENT I KNOW!

With another front come'n in a few days AND one mid week next week that has them talk'n ARCTIC AIR ... yeah ... say that 3 time real quick like ... ARCTIC AIR... ARCTIC AIR ... ARCTIC AIR ... sounds pretty good to me. And, it could produce RECORD BREAKING LOWS for this time of year... may lend some credence on OUR Forecast ... the one where we said... FEELS LIKE IT MAY BE A HARD WINTER.... can anyone say MALLARDS real quick 3 times!
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Re: Right To Left Crossing Shots and A Big Pile Of Empty Hul

Postby LittleJon » Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:53 am

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the read and hope to get on some of those new birds this weekend.
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