Opening Weekend Story

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Opening Weekend Story

Postby Swamp Puppy » Mon Oct 17, 2005 7:45 pm

ok, well here it is. Ed's opening weekend extravaganza.

Friday about 9am i load the truck, hook up the USS Swampy and pull out of the driveway to head on down the road. about 1 minute later my outboard motor fell off the boat (the transom snapped in half) and slid about 50ft down the road at approx 30mph.

damage report - busted prop, skeg, transom, and lots of road rash on the motor housing. not sure if it runs or not.

Friday approx 11am - have met up with all parties involved and we launch my partner's boat and hook up a towline to the USS Swampy to take it out and store it at the hunting spot. it is at this time that i learn that towing the boat causes it to submerge like a german U-Boat under fire.

damage report - one sneak boat full of water.

after dropping the boat/submarine off at the hunting spot we start tooling about the river checking things out and seeing what's going on. Dirk, a young puppy on the trip, decided this was a good time to relieve himself of what appeared to be every ounce of food he's ever consumed in his 6 months of life. taking a crap is an understatement. giving birth was a more accurate description. if you've never seen a guy drive a boat while leaning over the side and've missed out on something pretty funny. thank God i was sitting in the bow and upwind of the whole thing or i would have been over the side puking too.

damage report - one slightly queezy boat driver and a very large pile of crap on the bottom of the boat.

Saturday about 3am - having no further mishaps to deal with, we got out early to our hunting spot. we sat through some serious winds for the 4 hours until shootlight, but nothing major happened, so life was good.

Shoot Time!! :getdown:

The day was progressing nicely and lots of birds were meeting their demise. then my good buddy pulled up in the boat with some good news and some bad news. the bad news was that people had flattened a bunch of tires back at the boat ramp. the good news was that his wasn't one of them. the bad news was that they got 2 of mine..

damage report - i had to spend the rest of my hunt trying to figure out how the heck i was going to replace 2 tires on my truck with only one spare. it pissed me off enough that my shooting improved though...someone was going to pay..and the ducks we're the only thing handy.

back to the ramp after the shooting was over..7 limits of birds for 7 hunters. :salude:

good news..the vandalizing little bastards only took the valve stem plugs out of my stems. one was partially in and the other on the ground next to the, i screwed them in and found a person to loan me a compressor and i was back in business. no harm and most importantly, no money spent on new tires.

oh yeah...almost forgot. while heading back to the ramp the USS Swampy went totally under water and had to be tied off to a tree and wait for calmer conditions for retrieval. (which we managed later that evening)

damage report - a great hunt was marred by a bunch of menial BS to deal with when i should have been sitting around drinking beer and laughing it up with the boys.

Sunday - not much happened here. no wind kept the birds rafted on the big water and what was flying wasn't flying near me. well, i guess that's why they call it "hunting" and not "shooting".

tally for me on sunday - 1 ringneck and 1 teal. i've had better shoots, but we still had a good day. spite of it all i had a great time. looking forward to getting out again soon!

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Postby gracenjohn » Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:29 pm

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

you are one incredible story teller.
thanks be to God
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