Maybe moving to Klamath

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Maybe moving to Klamath

Postby Mud Diver » Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:08 pm

Hello Guys, I may be moving to Klamath in the next few months. I'm from New Orleans where the duck hunting is as good as it gets. I will be looking for some public land to hunt and maybe get in on a lease next year if necessary and i f affordable. I hunt a lot and will mostly hunt during the week when it's less crowded. I have the Gator Trax/Mudbuddy combo and 3 labs which I have trained myself to Hunting Retreiver Champions and Senior Hunters (We're almost Master Hunters :thumbsup: I train dogs on the side and also stud my males. I'm just trying to get all of the info I can to help me out. If this move works out I'll be moving right when our season over here starts (Nov) and I don't want to miss hunting totally this year. Any info would be appreciated. Maybe I could hook up with some of you as I'm not used to hunting in weather under 30 degress nor do I know your laws and waterways. Wouldn't mind Goose hunting as I've never been on a goose hunt. :smile: Thanks!
Mud Diver
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Postby cuppedwings04 » Wed Aug 30, 2006 11:14 pm

Hey Mud Diver come on down. If you want some geese we should be able to take care of that. The last few seasons the gosse hunting has been great throughout December and January. Novemeber can be tough as we usually have freeze up about that time. ALthoguh I like to whack divers on the river around Thanksgiving. There is quite a bit of public hunting opportunities around here as well. Some of them are little tricky to access, but if you have boat or the willingness to walk in to some spots, there should be no problems. I hope this helps, PM me when you are getting ready to come out this way.

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