What a hunt!

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What a hunt!

Postby H.O.G » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:08 pm

Since it's not duck season yet, I thought I'd share my elk hunt from yesterday. After hunting hard for most of the day my hunting partner and were exhausted. We decided to head out to an area that we didn't know that well. There was still a few hours left in the day for hunting, but we were tired and beer sounded really good. We got back in the woods and drove around for a while looking for some new places to explore. After about my sixth beer it was time to pull over.(I wasn't driving) After taking care of buisness we stood around talking when my buddy thought he heard something, of course I didn't, I was too busy enjoying a nice cold one. I told him that it was probably the wind. What are the chances that at 3 o'clock in the afternoon a heard of elk would come walking up through the timber right where you pulled off the road to take a leak? 20 minutes goes by and he hears something again, this time I heard it too. Still what are the chances! As we were fumbling around for our gear we look up just in time to catch a cow elk walking across the road 80 to 100 yrs behind us. All we could do was stand there, drink our beer and watch as a heard of 12 elk (including two small bulls!) walked across the road and out of sight. We just started laughing, it was to late in the day to shoot one anyways my partner says, we would be out here all night! What a day!
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